Thinking about going to the beach this summer? Most people associate the summer and vacations with trips to the beach, but if you happen to have seen a movie called 'Jaws' you might constantly be re-thinking visiting a water or beach based destination.

Where are those sharks? Well, in the case of about 50 of them (sharks that is) you can track them, for free. The company behind this is called Their mission statement includes gathering scientific information on sharks, to include tracking them and and through biological studies.

What does that mean? Oseach is using this information to increase the knowledge base and to develop teaching programs for classrooms for K-8 grade lessons. The information is also used to in global shark conservation.

The even cooler thing? You can find out where the sharks that are in the program (ones that have been tagged) in real time, even follow your favorite for free. You can go to and track them through the website or by downloading the free app for ios or android.

Will this make your summer beach trip safer? Probably not, but you will be able to impress your friends when you open your app and say, "All clear!"

*HT To the Poughkeepsie Public Library for the inspiration for this.

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