The sun is out and if you get a little red be sure to send us a picture. It could send you to go see The 1975 live at Madison Square Garden.

The summer is here and we have had the heat to prove it in the Hudson Valley. Have you been spending a lot of time outside? Whether you're hiking, doing yard work or swimming in a pool be sure to put on that sunscreen. Even after applying an ample amount of sunscreen you can still get a little crispy if you let it wear off.

If you get scorched we want to see those bad burns. We don't have a trophy to give you but we might have something better.


It's hotter than ever outside, if you get a bad burn don't hide it, SHOW IT OFF AND WIN. You might be feeling the burn. Well, we want to see it. Send us pictures of your bad sunburn and you could win a pair of tickets to see The 1975. The good news is we're getting you inside and out of the sun.

If you were outside and got a bad sunburn so far this summer or ever then send us the photo in the form below. We will randomly select an entry to win tickets to see The 1975 live in NYC in November. Turn that bad situation into something good. If you look like a lobster the we could send you to a rock show. We could be calling you a rock lobster.