Blue October rolled through the Hudson Valley Sunday night on their 'I Hope You're Happy' Tour and left hundreds of happy music fans in their wake. They opened the set with a roaring rendition of the new single 'Daylight' and proceeded to showcase material from their entire catalog.

Highlights included an acoustic Hate Me, an emotionally charged 'Fear' and a grooving 'Into The Ocean'. To close the show the band came back out after taking a quick breather for a five-song encore that ended with the title track to both the new album and tour, 'I Hope You're Happy'. The high energy single is the bands biggest hit in a decade and is clearly connecting with old and new fans alike.

I think we can expect the band to make their way back to town sometime in the future, and we'll be ready. Special thanks to the staff and crew over at The Bardavon for putting on a great show and letting the band bring in four extra subwoofers. The extra bass was a nice touch.

Did you know that The Bardavon still plays classic movies in the theater? On November 30th check out Home Alone and on December 14th the holiday classic, It's A Wonderful Life.