Creed is currently set to perform on a sold out cruise ship. They need to come to the Hudson Valley after that. We may be able to make that happen. Sign my petition to hopefully help get them here.

Months ago we were hit with some heavy doses of nostalgia when we heard that Creed was headlining on a cruise ship with some other great bands including Fuel, 3 Doors Down, Tonic and The Verve Pipe.

The two-day boat show is sold out but I'm seeing Creed and the front man, Scott Stapp all over the internet doing commercials and interviews. Why the publicity? Are they gearing up for more shows?

If so, would they make a stop in Upstate New York? They absolutely should. To help persuade them I have started an online petition. It is my hope that Creed fans proudly support the petition and sign it. Please "Sacrifice" a moment of your time and show your support.

You can sign the petition by clicking the link here.

We 're desperately searching for a dose of nostalgia and a creed concert would deliver that. For many of us Creed was the soundtrack to our middle school years.

If Creed were to perform in the Hudson Valley I would welcome them "With Arms Wide Open".

When was the last time Creed performed in the Hudson Valley area?

It looks like the last time they performed in Upstate New York was in August of 2010 according to Concert Archives. They played with Skillet and The Theft.

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