It was no ordinary Sunday for my family and me, as we had an unexpected visitor.

Well, one of my worst fears came true, and it was almost as bad as I had imagined it would be. Sunday was going along just fine, I was at the radio station taking care of some things in the morning, and was about to head home.

While I was on my way home, I notice I had two missed calls from my wife. I quickly pulled over thinking something was wrong and called her back.

What came through on the other end of the phone was a lot of words that didn't make sense, as my wife was freaking out. A few words that did make sense were "There's a snake in the house!"

Since my wife had barricaded herself in the bedroom, I continued on my way home to deal with something that, honestly, is the worst thing ever.

So, I get home and start opening cabinets in our kitchen looking for a snake, and oh boy, did I find it. It was under my kitchen sink and it quickly made its way out and went back down where it came from.

I immediately ran to the store and picked up steel wool and spray foam insulator and went to town on any access point I could find in my house and pest control is on the way.

To the snake, I know that you wandered into a random place, and found a screaming woman, and for that I say, "Welcome to my world."

For future reference, stay the hell out of my house.

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