Well, it was bound to happen. Cory and Topanga have a kid and now we're all officially old.

In case you haven't heard, 90s classic TV show Boy Meets World now has a sequel, as the child of our favorite unrealistic-relationship-expectation-setting couple is now old enough to be getting into mischief of her own. It's not unlike what Degrassi did 15 years ago, and, like a whole generation of kids thinks that the Degrassi with Spinner, Drak--er... Jimmy, Manny, and...

Oh, sorry, I almost passed out just thinking about Manny. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Youngsters today will soon have no idea what Boy Meets World was and think Girl Meets World is its own entity. But that's okay. We'll always have the original.

So let's take a look. There are definitely similarities in style and tone between the two openings. What do you think?