The New York State Police are asking for the publics help in regard to several stolen items in the Ulster County area.

In the digital age of social media, we can do it all from the palm of our hands. If you have a smartphone, you can stay in touch with friends and family across the globe, dig up information within seconds and sell things you have no use for anymore for some side money.

Even if those items were stolen.

In a report for CNBC, we've learned that stolen merchandise on places like Facebook Marketplace has seen a huge uptick. Attorney General Kwame Raoul tells CNBC:

“What fuels this as an enterprise is the ease of reselling stolen merchandise on online marketplaces. It’s no longer the age where it’s done at flea markets or in the alley or in parking lots.”


Stolen Items in New Paltz Sold on Facebook Marketplace

The New York State Police reported earlier this week that they are currently investigating a burglary that took place on September 16th, 2022 on State Route 373 in New Paltz. Unfortunately, some of the items that were stolen, were later sold on the popular Facebook Market Place.

Items that were stolen according to the New York State Police are as follows:

- Ryobi carpenter saw with a blue plastic handle and a power cord.
- A blue crowbar, steel, with a straight right angle claw kind of an I-beam-shaped shaft.
- Yankee memorabilia, roughly 12“ x 12“ picture framed pictures of Don Mattingly and a patch of his uniform signed by Don Mattingly.
- An electric bench grinder with dual grinding stones, harbor freight style.
- A 22-ounce framing hammer, straight claw with a checkered head and wooden handle made by Vaughn USA.
The New York State police report that one of the items that were stolen and later sold on Facebook Marketplace was a log splitter.
If you have any information regarding these stolen items you're asked to reach out to Investigator Gregory Maxwell at State Police in Highland at 845-691-2922.

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