This week it came to our attention that tall people live in a 5'10 world. The discussion started with the information that we shared about a scholarship opportunity that was geared to women who are at least 5'10 and men that are at least 6'2 and taller.

So as we found out a few months ago that there are many issues with left handed people, living in a right handed world, Nick and I wanted to hear from those who considered themselves tall (the people that called in to share with us ended up being at least 6'0 or taller) and have them share some of the struggles of being tall in a 'shorter' person's world.

Here is what a few had to say about the struggles of being tall. These responses were received via, phone, text and app messages to WRRV:

  • Dan from Chester: "I'm 6'5 300 pounds with a size 16 shoe... It's near impossible to find shoes in stores I have to go to the Internet And like you had said it's hard to fit in some cars cause of the height And constantly worried about smacking your head on low hanging stuff
  • I'm a 6 ft tall woman and a lefty. 37 inch inseam tall clothes are usually too short and a size 12 women's shoe. Not to mention I can never find sleeves long enough
  • Counter and sink height for tall people. It breaks your back if you're working for a while!
  • Big Dave in Middletown: Hey I'm 6'5 and there's plenty of times people of normal size have an advantage ! With height comes bigger feet and that means a hell of a time trying to get shoes or sneakers you want. I need a 16 and I don't get 98% of the choices out there,sometimes just not fair!

Our own resident expert on all things tall Hopkins, also mentioned that it was extremely challenging for him to find shoes that fit and that he pretty much has to buy all of his shoes online.

Are there any other things that you can share with shorter people about the struggles of being tall? Let us know.

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