I grew up in Lancaster in a neighborhood that never really had constant neighbor drama...until one day.

It was one of those things that you see as a kid and you really don't forget that it happened. The yelling and screaming, the panic in the neighbor's eyes, and the relief at the end.

The next-door neighbor heard yelling and screaming from across the street. Now, usually, you do not want to get into anyone else's business, so nobody really did anything about it. But, the neighbor's instinct told him that something fishy was going on across the street and he went over to the house.

Knocked on the door. Nothing. No answer.

He decided to walk right in. The door was open and he announced he was coming in to see if everyone was okay. Our neighbor found the elderly couple tied up and gagged in their house.

Everyone was okay, but it was all over money. Someone, somehow knew where they kept all of their money in the house and went over to steal it. Where was it? You are probably wondering. It was hidden between the mattresses...one of the most CLASSIC spots to hide money.

Usually, most people feel safe to keep all of their money at the bank, but if you are the kind of person who loves having a good amount of cash on you at the house, here are a few suggestions that are a little less obvious than the classic spots like, hiding it between the mattresses or inside of the freezer.

Now I know that this is kind of contradictory to the directions. We are basically telling you to hide your money real good, but also telling everyone where the hiding spot is. But really....hide your money. Of course, the options are best for the people without a safe.

Good Hiding Spots Inside Your House For Money

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