Because I hoard and treasure my vacation time like Charlie Bucket does chocolate bars, I get all of my Christmas cards a week and a half late. Every year, the one that I look forward to is the card from friend of the show Scott of Scott's Pizza Tours (also known as the Guinness Record Holder for his pizza box collection).

If you'll recall, last year Scott took a bunch of listeners on a private tour of some of his favorite places to grab pizza in New York. Well, not only is he an aficionado of fine cheesy foods, he's also a man with exquisite taste in greeting card design:


It's a very exciting day because I know his Christmas card is like currency in the pizza world; last summer, I saw the 2012 edition on prominent display at Best Pizza in Brooklyn.

But not only did we go on a listener pizza tour, Scott and I took a trip to Guy Fieri's American Kitchen and Bar to review the much-lamented restaurant for the show.

The reason I'm posting this is because Scott's message in the card is an important one that I wish for all of you in this new year:


May we all leave the Guy Fieris of our past behind and live a new year of pizza glory.