This ice cream looks exotic and it is in the most glorious of ways. It's an ice cream made for Kal-El and you don't even need to go all the way to Krypton to get it. It turns out you can find it right in Fishkill, New York.

It's definitely strange but I think I did the impossible and found the greatest ice cream of all time right here in the Hudson Valley. I've been on the hunt for this ice cream for about 4 years now. Maybe I'm giving myself too much credit because there's a good chance it has been available this whole time and I have just never seen it.

I grew up in Michigan and this dessert was everywhere. I wondered if Superman ice cream was sadly just another Michigan thing like Faygo because when I first moved to New York I could never find it.

Superman or Super Hero as it is called around here is a bizarre ice cream flavor but it's delicious. I can only describe it as a banana and bubble gum flavor. I know it doesn't sound that great but it is so you'll just have to trust me.

I'm pleased to announce that I found Super Hero at the Wal Mart in Fishkill, New York. It may not be exactly the same ice cream that I'm used to back home but I'll take what I can get. I'm just glad that my search is finally over. Now I can just enjoy.

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