What is a "Garbage Plate" and where in the Hudson Valley can you get one? If you visit the website GarbagePlate.com you will be taken to the restaurant credited with the creation of this legendary food item, Nick Tahou's in Rochester, NY.

Here is what, according to multiple sources, the Garbage Plate consists of, "a base of any combination of home fries, macaroni salad, baked beans, or French fries topped by your choice of meats and dressed to your liking with spicy mustard, chopped onions, and our signature Nick Tahou's hot sauce. Each plate comes with two thick slices of fresh Italian bread and butter."

The photo above was taken after I was driving through Rochester a few years ago. I had heard about this 'food find' and had to stop and get it. I was completely surprised by the amount of food in one container, then there was also bread and butter with it too.

Was it good? It tasted amazing. I was thrilled when I found out that we could get this tasty treat here in the Hudson Valley. Where? After length research, the only place that I found it was at Darby O'Gills in Hyde Park. Here is how their GP is listed on the menu, Bed of Waffle Fries and Macaroni Salad, Topped with Two Cheeseburgers and Chili. 

Next time you see the words 'Garbage Plate' on a menu, don't be afraid. Try it. Have you tried a Hudson Valley version of a Garbage Plate? Got the pics? Feel free to share with us.

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