In a world where we are focused on pumpkin spice and watching celebrities dance do we really pay attention to what really matters? Is the end near or do you just write it off as crazy babble from some nut job?

I'm not sure if you've been distracted by pumpkin spice coffee or maybe statues of a war that ended over 160 years ago but there are some scary things happening right now in the world.

Recently, North Korea has been testing ballistic missiles over Japan. Does it alarm anyone that a country led by a dictator who's citizens believe he never uses the toilet is testing nuclear capabilities? I don't want to spread fear or hysteria but being on a coastline and an hour from a major city we are absolutely on the radar.

Close-up of a wall clock
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Are you familiar with a little thing called the Doomsday Clock? No, it's not a made up thing from The Watchmen. The Doomsday Clock was invented by top scientists in 1947 to determine just how close we are to a man made catastrophe that would cause the end of the world. I don't want to be grim but when it reaches midnight, it's all over folks.

Even through the height and the end of the Cold War the closest we came to the end according to the clock was three minutes to midnight. Right now, we are currently at two and a half minutes to midnight. According to experts, this is the closest we have ever been to the end.

Are you prepping for doomsday? Do you have a bug-out bag? Should we be teaching kids to hide under their desk in the event of an attack?