We're getting closer and closer to summertime, and that means one thing: s'mores. I mean, it probably means more than just s'mores, but nothing else is as important. S'mores are a key part of summer enjoyment, which means you're going to want to stock up on marshmallows soon. But rather than making your own, what if you could just stop in somewhere and get some that'll be way better?

The Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company just opened its location on Main Street in Beacon, and they've got everything you could possibly imagine having to do with marshmallows. And not just any marshmallows: you could get all kinds of flavors from vanilla and chocolate to out-there ones like cookies n' cream and everything bagel.

And of course, they've got s'mores. Customers can pick their marshmallows and graham crackers and the employee will cook it with a blowtorch. So will this become your go-to s'mores place this summer?

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