If you're a believer in aliens, UFOs or other paranormal activity then you may have to take a pilgrimage to Pine Bush.

The town of Pine Bush is getting ready for an invasion of people. The annual Pine Bush UFO Fair has been rescheduled but will take place on Saturday, June 9.

I've always been fascinated by people who claim to have seen an alien craft, been abducted or seen an actual little green man. With the return of The X-Files so has many people's passion to believe we may have neighbors in this galaxy.

Needless to say, I had to check out the town of Pine Bush for the first time. It's rumored to have some of highest rates of UFO sightings on the east coast. the town has fully accepted its reputation and loves greeting tourists from all around the world.

Many of the local business have adopted the alien and UFO theme.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I didn't go home empty-handed. I was able to get a picture of this alien species disguised as a human girl.

IMG_5013 (1)

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