This is almost unbelievable. Did you know Hudson Valley residents still have access to a Kmart store?

Do you remember shopping at Kmart? Kmart was founded under a different name in 1899. The store has gone through a lot of changes in the last 123 years. Kmart has been on the decline for decades. It merged with Sears in the early 2000s and even tried to experiment with a new identity as a dollar store in some locations. When you think of 'Kmart' you think of a store that has long been extinct. It turns out that they are just endangered.

Attention former Kmart shoppers! That's a phrase you could hear over the pa system anytime you want because there is a Kmart store that is alive and well near the Hudson Valley.

There is currently a Kmart store that is fully operational just across the state border in Westwood, New Jersey.

There's also a Kmart store in New York City as well but it's not as easy to travel to.

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I'm guessing the Blue Light Special isn't a thing anymore.

Were they talking about the Poughkeepsie location? Do you know where the last Kmart was in the Hudson Valley region?

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