You never know when you may be on the hunt for a new job. Employers share some of the most ridiculous things they've come across on an applicant's resume.

Many of us have had our share of jobs in the past. Sometimes we may have to stretch the truth or exaggerate to get that next job. However, you don't want to fib too much. Even too much honesty can be a bad thing. Yes, your future employers are reading them.

According to PR Newswire, these are some of the dumbest things people have put on their resume'.

  1. Someone listed how many times they have been arrested. I guess they thought they should be honest about it.
  2. Ever sentence was typed using a different font. You don't want to give your employer a headache before you get the job.
  3. One person bragged that they've had just as many jobs as marriages. Nothing says stability quite like that statement.
  4. An applicant stated that they didn't like babies or puppies on their resume. No one is hiring that psycho.
  5. Someone's resume was one sentence. It would have to be a long sentence.

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