The extreme heat we've been experiencing here in the Hudson Valley (for what feels like forever) hasn't just been impacting those of us who don't do well with warm temperatures and increased humidity, it has also caused a New York City traffic situation.

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Heat Forces Bronx Bridge To Remain 'Stuck Open'

The bridge that connects the Bronx and Manhattan over the Harlem River had some heat related complications on Monday afternoon, causing a traffic nightmare heading into rush hour the Monday following a long holiday weekend.

YouTube: CBS 2 News
YouTube: CBS News New York

The Third Avenue Bridge is a one direction 'swing bridge' going from The Bronx into Manhattan, and just before 3pm on Monday afternoon, was opened to allow for vessel travel, but unable to be closed.

News outlets on Monday afternoon, and into the evening were reporting the bridge was 'stuck in the open position' due to the excessive heat causing the steel to expand and preventing the locking mechanisms from closing properly. The DOT immediately ceased travel on the bridge, and traffic backed up in the Bronx for hours.

FDNY Responds to 'Cool Down' Third Avenue Bridge

While the stuck bridge caused major havoc getting into the city from The Bronx Monday, following the DOT's official closure of the bridge, the FDNY Marine Unit were called in to begin cool down efforts.

CBS News in New York reported that several FDNY boats arrived on scene to begin cooling the locking devices and connection points by spraying water hundreds of feet into the air, hoping that it would reduce the swelling and the locking mechanisms would be able to align.

YouTube: CBS News New York
YouTube: CBS News New York

Following a 3.5 hour closure, and the continuous cooling efforts from the FDNY, the bridge was reopened for travel Monday evening.

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