Everyone enjoys a good home cooked meal. We’ve found out what classic dish New Yorker's prefer more than anything else. Can you blame them?

I’ve got to say that I’m a little surprised that this took the cake. Seriously, how did it beat cake? Thrillest compiled a list of the country’s most favorite food recipes based on Google Trends.

The home made dish that New Yorkers love this most is meat loaf. I mean, why not? It’s basically a hamburger cake. You can basically add anything you want to it. Do you love meatloaf or has it just become a routine and a staple in your household like “meatloaf Thursday”?

What are some things you put in your loaf? My dad would always put onions, green peppers, bread, rice and Ritz crackers in his meatloaf. Now that I think about it my dad put just about everything in his meatloaf except meat.

If you don’t think meatloaf should be the best than what meal do you think should bring home the bacon? I hope that didn’t confuse you.

Mom! Meatloaf!