It's something we all receive on a daily basis. Sometimes we even get more than one but are they slowly making us ill?

As Americans we live in a consumer based society. We buy products everyday and the receipts of our transactions seem essential. The litte piece of paper that proved you bought the latest iPod, coffee or even a tank of gas might be giving you cancer.

According to Market Watch, a Michigan based environmental non profit group tested 93% of receipts and found out that they contain large amount of BPS (bisphenol S) and BPA (bisphenol A). These chemicals can effect your body in many negative ways. The chemicals can issues with both your metabolism and cognitive function.


That's right, your receipt for your Big Mac could be making you obese. Isn't that some irony?

These chemicals have been banned from a lot of products already but are still used to coat that little piece of paper.

To be safe,  be sure to go paperless when ever possible.