You would think that the flavor would be enough to deter people from consuming this snack but the people who like this candy could be harming their bodies.

I wasn't sure if they even still made black licorice but apparently it's still pretty popular. There aren't many candies that are good for you but did you know that the classic candy can cause some serious health concerns?

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According to the Consumerist, one could overdose on high amounts of black licorice. The Food and Drug Administration warns us that licorice root that the candy contains the compound glycyrrhizin. You may not know what glycrrhizin is however, experts have discovored that it can mess with your body's potassium amount which can lead to high blood pressure, lethargy, strange heart rhythms or even heart failure.

One can experience these symptoms by eating two ounces of black licorice a day for two weeks straight.

If you absolutely love black licorice you may want to find an alternative treat or look for licorice with artificial flavors.