Some gyms in the Hudson Valley have created a new rule but I don't think they're really enforcing it.

I've been going to the gym for years. I hate to sound old but I have been going to the gym for so long that I can remember going when I still had a flip phone. The cameras on those phones were absolutely terrible. People were far less worried about being being photographed or recorded everywhere they went.

For the past 10 years people have been attached to their cell phones. They go everywhere we go and that's fine but just because they're with us doesn't mean that should be out all of the time. One place where cell phone use is totally inappropriate is in the gym locker room. Almost every time I go to the gym now there's always someone in the locker room or the bathroom holding a cell phone and taking a pictures of themselves.

Is it me or is this one of the most uncomfortable thing on the planet? It's also just creepy. Why are you taking half naked pictures surrounded by other people and who do you have in the background?

Some gyms have created a rule that bans cameras from being used in the locker room but I have yet to see it enforced.

I am not the only one who has noticed this. There's a whole thread dedicated to the topic on Reddit.

Are there any gyms that actually enforce the "no cell phones in the locker room" rule?
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