Does dad really want these things? If so, I'm a bit concerned.

As men get older we tend to lose the toned arms and the six pack abs. It's more than likely going to happen ladies so get used to it. When we become dads does the odds of becoming out of shape just grow exponentially?


According to a new list from Forbe's, here are a list of healthy gift ideas for dad. I'm a bit concerned. I think there's a perception that dad's just become old and start to deteriorate.

Schedule Dad a Physical - I guess we need to start doing this because our dad's won't do it themselves. However, they're so stubborn they will swear up and down that they did schedule it.

A Good Pair of Shoes - Face it old man those arches blown out and collapsed. Get your plain white "dad shoes" quickly. Preferably make them Velcro so the old man doesn't have to bend down and tie them. Dad's sacrifice style for comfort. It's a well known fact.

Vitamins - Unfortunately, not the delicious Flintstone's ones. Apparently dad needs some real supplements because.

A Comfortable Pillow - Since your old now you'll be doing a lot of napping. This will be a must. Be sure that it's memory foam but not too big that it doesn't fit in your casket. You'll want to take it with you.