Bert Kreischer said something negative about our state's capital. What's the big deal? One of the most popular shows in television history has been poking fun for years

People have been bashing comedian, Bert Kreischer for the past couple of days because he stated that Albany was the worst place he's performed. In an episode of the podcast 'Hot Ones" they were playing the game 'Truth or Wings.'

The host asked him where the worst city was to perform during his recent tour. He confidently states "Albany" was the worst stop. I wanted to be optimistic so I assumed he meant Albany, Georgia. Unfortunately, I checked his latest tour schedule and that part of Georgia.

If you're a fan of the Simpsons you probably know that The Simpsons has made Upstate New York and Albany a running joke on the show for years. In the episode where Homer causes a nuclear meltdown the only city to be lost is Albany and no one seems to care. There are so many reference to New York I've even theorized that it takes place in the Hudson Valley.