According to the Craigslist ad these are the following paints that are available for you to adopt. Looks like there will not be an adoption fee. No word on whether or not the paint has been spade or neutered or if they get along with other paints.

If you have been looking for some paint to add to your home, maybe you will consider these?

Glidden Exterior "soft candlelight"-about 1/2 gallon
Behr "spiced pumpkin"-pretty full gallon. I can't get the lid off but a strong person with a pair of pliers probably can
Glidden "ballet slipper pink"-about 1/2 gallon
Martha Stewart "nimbus cloud" (light grey)-more than 1/2 gallon
Behr "soft boiled" (yellow)-7 oz sample size
Behr "fuzzy ducking" (yellow)-7 oz sample size
Behr "toasted pecan" (brown)-7 oz sample size
Behr "moose trail" (brown)-7 oz sample size
Behr "king salmon" (orange/pink)-7 oz sample size
Behr "embellished blue" (turquoise)-7 oz sample size

Have you ever adopted paint before? Would you suggest it or does it really depend on the breed of paint?