A video on TikTok is going viral because it is reportedly showing how ridiculous the price of groceries has gotten in New York City.

How Expensive Is It to Live in New York?

This is New York and if you live in The Empire States then you know by now that it's expensive to live here. Just how expensive is it compared to other states?

According to Rent Cafe, in 2022, New York State's cost of living was 55% higher than the rest of the country. They report that rent is 148% higher, healthcare is 3% higher, public transportation is 9% higher and goods and services are about 16% higher.

Food is an astonishing 21% more expensive. It's not clear if that is calculated from dining out, buying groceries or both. I have to assume that since the recent rise in supply chain issues, that cost has gotten significantly higher. Especially in New York City.

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A video that was recently posted on TikTok has gotten a lot of attention because it shows how insanely high the prices of certain grocery items have gotten in New York City.

The video was uploaded on TikTok just days ago but has already received over 1 million views and thousands of comments.

$9.99 for eggs?

TikTok: BlueWaverly
TikTok: BlueWaverly

Here is the video. You have to see this to believe it. It's not clear what part of New York this is or what store the video was recorded at.

@bluewaverly get me tf out I want to go to the piggly wiggly down south lmaoo #omg#inflation#groceries#nyc♬ muerto gang - qubelly
Do you know anyone who lives in NYC? Do you travel there often? Can you confirm if these prices are real?

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