It's hard to imagine someone getting so infuriated by something that they're willing to sacrifice a perfectly good and perfectly delicious sandwich to enact some kind of vengeance or retribution, but if there's anything we've learned from It Came From the Internet over the years, it's this: that which is hard to imagine is not only possible, but in some cases, almost expected. I'm looking at you, Florida, Nevada, Alaska, and increasingly Utah.

But Virginia hasn't really made its mark on the It Came From the Internet roadmap of crazy. The tide may be changing, however, as this man lost his mind outside of a pizza place and was arrested for Assault With a Sandwich. Or Attempted Harm with a Bready Implement.

Look, I don't really know what the formal charges are named; it's been a while since I last curled up with a glass of eggnog and the Virginia state penal code.

Either way, check the story below.