Yep, there is an onion shortage? Will this effect your life? Will you be able to eat onion soup or onion dip and not also have to pay ten times more for it than you did last week?

Here's the scoop. The onions are not nearly as available as they had been at this time of year in 2018. The crops of the US grown onions, have diminished because of a bad growing season. Thus there were less onions available to be moved into storage to be warehoused for use this year, 2019.

To counter the lack of availability, the price of onions has increased over the last two months and has been forecast to increase steadily over the next three months. When the onions start to be grown this year and then are ready to head to market (provided there is a solid crop) then the prices will start to return to 'normal.'

Will this onion shortage cause your hot dogs to suffer? When cooking, what do you put onions in or on?

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