Representatives from the Walkway Over The Hudson announced new pet-friendly regulations on Facebook on Monday, April 1st. No animals paws may make contact with the concrete deck of the Walkway for their security and comfort. Pets must be carried the 1.28-mile span but park goers would have the option of using strollers (provided they have six wheels or more).

Good thing Monday was April Fools Day and this is not actually a new rule, but the social media post went viral. The change they stated would be for three reasons,

'First, direct feedback we have received from pets in the Hudson Valley indicates that the Walkway’s concrete surface is taxing on their bare feet, and causing them to develop serious puppy bunions. When left untreated, puppy bunions can easily escalate into canine plantar fasciitis. Second, LIRPA has informed us of the direct correlation between a human carrying their pet and the happiness of that pet. Every 100 yards a pet is physically carried leads to a 10% increase in the pet happiness index, as measured by the Global Pet Happiness Coalition (more information is available online at Third, with some pets weighing up to and exceeding 100 pounds, carrying pets is wonderful exercise, and 6 out of 14 licensed fitness professionals probably recommend it as part of a balanced workout plan.'

Walkway Over The Hudson wins April Fools Day this year! Remember to pick up after your pets when out on the walkway. Please and thank you.

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