You've got to respect the hustle. Young entrepreneurs can now rejoice knowing they can make a little extra cash this summer.

When you were a kid and wanted a little extra cash what did you do? Did you rake leaves? Maybe you cleaned the gutters? Did you partner up with some other kids in the neighborhood kids and sell lemonade? Back then you didn't need permits, insurance or workers comp. You went out and hustled. A  year ago, a kid's lemonade stand in Upstate New York was shut down by state back when a kid

According to the Times Union, legislators are trying to save lemonade stands and young entrepreneurs from becoming a thing of the past. The bill is called Brendan's Lemonade Law after the Saratoga County native who's lemonade stand was shut down by state health officials.

The bill has not passed yet but if it does it will allow kids under the age of 17 to sell lemonade permit free in New York State.

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