Social media is a problem. I mean, it really is. The trouble it causes, the jobs people lose due to posting photos of themselves from college getting drunk and vomiting all over a convent or whatever, or the offensive joke they tweeted that makes even those closest to them reconsider and question the relationship they share... I mean, it's just not good.

Lurk, man. Lurk. If you're part of an oppressed people and need to use Twitter to keep the world informed about what the evil regime is doing and use it as a resource to get out from underneath and enact change or achieve political asylum, then go ahead and use it. But if you're just Average Joe, what are you getting out of it? Lady Gaga isn't going to respond to your tweet telling her how much you liked her rendition of the National Anthem. Those free Jordan sneakers won't be showing up in your mailbox because you shared a photo on Instagram.

All that can happen is you responding to a post about how you're a fugitive from the law. Like this guy.