Being an adult has me second guessing myself regularly, and the fact that I still call my parents for every day "how do I" or "how should you" questions will give you an indication of what you are working with here.

Anyway, the fact that I got pretty....pumped....for a kitchen appliance that helps with dispensing peanut butter, this should be no surprise.

Enter the peanut butter pump.

Think of a bottle of hand soap in your bathroom, or a condiment dispenser at a fast food restaurant, now replace that with a jar of peanut butter....boom, peanut butter pump.

A genius dad of 5 grown children is currently Crowdfunding for the item, which is available now for order online, but will apparently be more widely available come August.  A post on outlines the product details and dimensions, and reinforces, truly, why all of us can benefit from this handy item.

I, for one, am excited about the prospect of not having 16 crusty peanut butter knives in my sink at all times (toddler, remember), and the fact that it has interchangeable nozzles depending on what type of, peanut-butter-ing you are doing, yep, count me in.  It also claims that it'll work with both crunchy and smooth, and even gets all the peanut butter from the bottom of the jar.

Is my adult showing?  Would you invest in a peanut butter pump?