We've silenced and cancelled people we disagree with in recent years and this is what that kind of behavior grows. It's escalated to violence and once we get over the sheer absurdity of this whole thing we should really figure out why we're so easily triggered.
The 94th Academy Awards were Sunday night and it was an absolute train wreck. We all just watched Will Smith hit Chris Rock for making a joke (which Will laughed at initially). Did Will Smith single handedly kill comedy? He might have.

Remember the good old days when people just cancelled comedians over a joke they didn't like? Apparently some people think it's okay to hit someone we don't agree with now and it's insane.

If you missed the big moment live on Sunday night you can watch it below?

I'm still trying to figure out if this is real or not? If the 'slap seen around the world is fake then this is a fantastic publicity stunt. If it's real then I'm deeply concerned. Mostly because the whole thing was brushed off so easily that night as if it never happened. It wasn't until the next day that anyone took any responsibility for the situation. A rich and powerful man walked on stage and committed a violent act on another human being during live television and there were no repercussions. He even got an award.

I know it's extreme but that's kind of what happened, right? If it was real then who's next to get smacked on stage?

Anyone who thinks that Smith's response was appropriate has probably never been hit in the face before and if they haven't it's probably because we live in a some what civilized world where people don't act out on their impulses. I'm thankful for that.

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