We all live by (mostly) the same set of rules. Some of them we learned from our parents, others we learned while in school. But then there's the set of rules that no one really needs to tell you about, you just kinda know.

I saw a list of 'Unspoken Rules' trending on Twitter and BuzzFeed this week and while going through them I realized that while I followed most, some I had no idea about.

For instance, one BuzzFeed reader wrote:

"After you knock on the door of someone's residence or ring their doorbell, stand at least 3 feet back (exception for weather). It's just good manners. I really hate when I open the door and someone is basically standing in the doorframe."

Now for me personally, I always live by the rule that you should NEVER show up to a party or someone's house empty-handed. Whether it's a bottle of nice wine, a dessert option or cups, and plates, it doesn't matter, just as long as you contributed something.

CJ said his Unspoken Rule was always taking his shoes off when walking into someone's home, which we think is the ultimate sign of courtesy.

We asked our listeners to chime in and got some great responses and it might have turned into a learning experience too.

Rob in Wassaic wrote, "Returning your cart at the grocery store is like the ultimate unspoken rule." There is nothing worse than a grocery cart whipping around in the wind and hitting all the unsuspecting parked cars.

Terry in Sussex shared "I never return an empty dish or container. If someone sends me home with leftovers or dessert in one of their dishes or containers I always make sure to fill it with something for them when I return it."

Manson also had a great one texting in from Patterson saying "If you borrow someone's car…… return it with a full tank."

I guess these rules aren't really unspoken anymore, huh? What are some of your unspoken rules?

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