Are they really as good as everyone says they are? After all, it's just milk and ice cream. (Who am I kidding? Is there a bad milk shake?)

It's Dutchess County Fair week here in the Hudson Valley. As a newcomer to the area I asked, "What is something I need to do or buy at the fair?" The answer that everyone could agree on was 4H milkshakes.

A. Boris
A. Boris

I was floored by this response as I thought you could get a milkshake anywhere. Apparently, these are something special.

"They recipe is straight from heaven." - Dave

"Agreed! Best chocolate milkshakes ever!" - Wendy

"Gotta get a 4H milkshake!" - Ally

The Dutchess County Fair is going on now and you can get details on all of he fun here.

My favorite text from the morning told me something else to try after the shake.

"You need to see a cow giving birth whilst eating a steak sandwich" -Ryan

I'm guessing since I'll be near the 4H building it may be easier than it sounds.