Pictures or it didn't happen, right? When you go places do you only have one question on your mind? Is it "How many likes will this get on Facebook?"

There's a new theory as to why people get out and do things and it's not because of the experiences. scientists believe it may be because people want to brag about their nightlife ad obtain likes on their social media pages.

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A recent study, claims that people who see their peers doing things like traveling and going to concerts and restaurants make people envious. They also appear to be "cool" to the viewer.

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There's nothing wrong with documenting your experiences on the internet but does every moment need to selfie to prove you were there? Some people like to love in the moment and others like to ride the social media band wagon. After all, it is your account. If it annoys people they can always unfollow.

Do you post things on social media in hopes to get positive attention from your peers?