New York is filled with so much history that everyone seems to know about. There's nothing more fun than discovering some new mystery tucked away in the woods. This child's grave and the story behind it is so unique.

Hidden in the woods of Oxford, New York lies the grave of an 8-year-old boy named Merrit Beardsley. According to The Daily Star, young Merrit passed away from a fever in 1865. One of Merrit's final requests was to be buried with a window because of his fear of the dark. Merrit's father did granted those wishes and put a window in the young boy's tomb.

"The window is fairly dirty from years of dirt and mold," said Tony Rivera after visiting the grave.

The tomb was once a popular attraction but has been fairly secretive in recent years. It was in such poor condition until a young student helped repair it as part of a project in 2016.

Visitors of the grave leave toys to honor the young Merrit.

Merrits Tomb -  Credit: Tony Rivera
Merrits Tomb -  Credit: Tony Rivera

Has anyone been to this spot?

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