If you're an avid camper, backpacker, or anything like the sort, this is for you.

New backpacker here. I've never gone on a backpacking trip before but I'm about to go on one in July. Let me give you a rundown of the plan before I start asking questions. I'm going on a two night trip with four other people (my boyfriend, his brother and sister, and his sister's boyfriend). Our plan is to camp at a New York State wilderness area with lake access. We plan on hiking and doing some kayaking too.

We're just beginning to get a list together of everything we need and I feel like I have no clue what to bring. I know the basics like a tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, knife, bandaids, and other things of that nature. But what's something that's commonly forgotten on backpacking trips? I'm a total newbie so please give me any advice you have!

Honestly, it's the food that's tripping me up the most. People are suggesting strictly freeze-dried foods, granola, and that kind of thing. I'm wondering why don't we utilize the power of fire more? Am I dumb? Is this like backpacking 101 that you really don't cook when backpacking? What are some great food options for backpacking? I'm not looking for gourmet, I know we need to keep our packs light. But I would like to enjoy what I'm eating.

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