I think that most of us here in the Hudson Valley can agree that the Walkway Over the Hudson is one of the best things to happen to our area. It's rich in Poughkeepsie and Highland history, it attracts tons of tourists to the area, the Walkway has some of the best views in the Hudson Valley, and they have numerous events through the year, many for local charities.

So, when the Walkway Over the Hudson comes up with a great fundraising idea, I’ve got to help spread the word. The latest idea? The Ultimate Walkway Mystery Box. And what exactly is the Ultimate Walkway Mystery Box? It’s your chance to help out the Walkway and get your hands on some very cool Walkway Over the Hudson items.

We’re talking about an assortment of great Walkway Over the Hudson items like sweatshirts, magnets, keychains, hats and more. The retail value of each shipment will be over $100, but you'll get yours for only $60. And it’s for a great cause. Sounds like a win/win for everyone. How do you get an Ultimate Walkway Mystery Box of your own? It’s easy. You can order one right here. But hurry, stock is limited.

To find out more about the Walkway Over the Hudson, to learn how to get involved in volunteering opportunities and to find out about some of the great events scheduled for this year, including this year’s Local Makers and Vendors Mayfest celebration, the Annual Golf Tournament and Walktoberfest, visit the Walkway Over the Hudson website.

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Stunning Walkway Sunrises