Are you afraid of our eight legged friends? What's the biggest spider species in the Hudson Valley? 

Recently, I had a nasty run-in with a giant wolf spider. When say giant it's only because of my arachnophobia. But I will say for a common spider it was a bit larger than the average Wolf Spider.

According to New York's Department of Conversation, wolf spiders or the Lycosidae is very common in the state of New York.

Also, from Spiders of New York, I was correct. This little guy or girl (I didn't get close enough to find out) is quite big.

The largest wolf spiders in North America can reach up to 35 millimeters in length but it's their leg length that really makes them a look bigger than they really are.

What's the largest spider you've seen here in the Hudson Valley?

This thing is certainly the biggest I've seen so far. Maybe in my entire life.