Do you have some weird food combination that turns people's heads? You'll be shocked to see what some people put on their foods.

Call me old fashioned but I think my eating habits are pretty traditional.

The internet exploded this week when chef James Briscione from his show on the Food Network showed off a weird mix.He put taco seasoning on top of a watermelon.

Though I I do think it's a bit odd I can certainly get behind that sweet and savory combination. I have put salt on watermelon before so maybe this is the same thing just with a little spicy kick.

I asked the Hudson Valley what there weird food combo was. I wish I didn't. Some of these really grossed me out.

Here's what you had to say:

"I dip my cookies in french onion dip. Did it as a dare and started to like it"

"Peanut butter and bacon on toast - warm and gooey. Best sandwich ever."
"I like to put buffalo chicken dip on my rice crispy treats."
"Pringles and Nutella."
"I dip my fish stick vanilla pudding".