It can be a gamble but sometimes the risk and reward factor can make it all worth while.

Yesterday, a story emerged about a case of botulism that broke out from a bad batch of gas station nacho cheese.

It really got me thinking about the risks of eating food that someone else prepares. I think that eating out anywhere is a gamble but something a bout a hot dog spinning in a gas station oven for 12 hours seems too risky.

I personally do not eat gas station food but there are a lot of people who not only trust it but they eat it everyday.

I'm curious what's the best gas station in the Hudson Valley to eat at. Who's got the cleanest facilities, best menu and overall best tasting food? Or is it worth it at all?

Here's what some of you had to say:

Jason Johnson: Stewart's, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, meatball subs, subs, sandwiches.

Kimberly Sauer: QuickChek!

Michael Skapeti: Flory's

Giovanna Russo: None really...

Melee Cleric: Every Stewart's.

Tom Liston: Stewart's and Quick Chek!

Jackie Prins Wolek: Nope...