New Yorkers always seem to be in a hurry. The average commute time here in the Hudson Valley seems to be around 15-20 miles. We spend a lot of time in our cars and some of us don't want to spend anymore than we have to.

Traffic jams can be our worst nightmare.

Accidents are beyond control most of the time. If you're behind a major car accident then there's a good chance that the road is blocked ahead either by a incapacitated vehicle or a first responded. You're forced to sit there and wait for a tow truck. Another main cause for traffic build up is construction. In the summer months there always seems to be road work happening in the Hudson Valley. It's frustrating but generally understood as a necessity.

What about when you're stuck in traffic and creep up to the cause only to find that it is someone working on a telephone line, cutting down a tree or working on someone's paving someone's driveway?

Can a guy from a landscaping crew really halt traffic on 9D because their cleaning up a customer's driveway at the end of the road? How much power does an orange vest really give someone?

Who can legally stop you and direct traffic here in the Hudson Valley and in New York State?

According to New York's DMV there are actually a handful of people who can legally control traffic in New York. Police officers, firefighters, highway workers and bus drivers are among the list of authorized people who can move traffic. According to, New York State Department of Transportation employees, contractors, utility company employees and municipality workers can also control traffic legally.

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