Would you try a meatless Whopper? There is a new product that is currently being tested in 59 Burger King restaurants and it is what looks like a Whopper and allegedly tastes like one, but it contains zero meat. This new burger is made with plant based proteins.

There were a few attempts by Burger King to sell veggie burgers, but to no real levels of success. The restaurant chain teamed up with the Impossible Food company to create an plant based meat alternative to beef that closely resembles their flagship burger, The Whopper.

According to an article in the New York Times, Impossible Foods was able to closely resemble a beef like product with their use of "heme, an iron-rich protein that the company believes is responsible for much of the distinctive taste of meat."

In testing, the faux burger was almost indistinguishable from the original Whopper. Will this Impossible Whopper come to the Hudson Valley? Not just yet. The new 'burger' is available on menus in the St Louis area, with a potential roll out to the remaining 7,000 plus restaurants in the United States, based on sales.

Would you try it?

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