As a man with a slightly below average IQ I can reserve the right to be a little ignorant on some issues. That being said, I had no idea that there was in an issue something that was affecting women so much.

Tim Allen said that men are pigs and truer words may have never been spoken. I love strong women who face and attack real issues. Though is isn't exactly the most important crisis women are facing, but it's certainly annoying. I didn't know this but apparently I'm exercising my male privilege just by wearing jeans.


Each pocket has the exact same phone in the picture above.

Why are women's pants pockets not deep enough to hold a damn cell phone?

"Phones are getting bigger and bigger but our pockets and purses are getting smaller."

I can safely say that six phones could fit in my Levi's. Some women's jeans can't hold a single smart phone.

"I'm at the point where I may need to trade in my phone."

How do we get pockets bigger for women? Frankly, I'm annoyed for you ladies.

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