Call me crazy but I didn't know that this specific part of the body needed any fixing.

If you're one of those people who try to stay with the fashion trends here is a new one for you. How important are nipples in the world of high fashion?

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That's right, according to the Daily Mail, "designer nipples" are now the newest craze. Apparently, pop singer Rihanna and fashion model, Kendall Jenner are being credited for a new fashion trend where the ladies go bra-less and wear see-through tops. However, it doesn't stop there. When you go bra-less you may not have the best nipples.

According to a doctor from New York City, this new fashion trend has started a surge in nipple surgeries and augmentations.

"Most women are seeking more symmetry and protruding nipples". - Dr. Norman Rowe

Maybe I'm just not fashionable because I don't understand this. Who wants perfect nipples? Does anybody notice?

Having surgery just to wear a shirt doesn't seem like the breast idea. Sorry, I meant "best" idea.