It cost how much to buy beer in other states? Why are beer prices so much higher here than in other states? Whoever is in charge of these prices can you please let us drink and be merry for a little cheaper?

According to a new study done by Thrifty Living, the average cost for a case of beer is about $19.25. Do you think this is high? If you don't maybe you're just used to paying this amount and you've just gotten used to it. What if I told you that some states are paying significantly less?

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke Launches Beer Bearing His Name
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Here are the states that have the lowest beer prices around the country:

Michigan - $14.62

California - $14.87

Illinois - $15.00

North Carolina - $15.23

Connecticut - $15.96

the most common conclusion would be t blame it on beer taxes but here's where it really boggles my mind. Michigan has the lowest beer prices yet they actually have a higher beer tax. Based on numbers from the tax administration, New York pays $.14 in Beer tax and Michigan pays $.20.

What gives? We need to rally together and figure out what the heck is going on?