You have just spent the last day trying to clean up after Super Snow Storm Blizzard Stella. You are probably aching from shoveling and snow blowing and you are thinking to yourself, 'Why again do I make the lovely Hudson Valley my home?'

Use this recent blast of winter weather to think about taking a vacation to some place warm. Where would you go? Florida? Mexico? The Caribbean? How about some place that the temperature is pretty consistently about 75 degrees?

Here is the scenario that I gave to the WRRV listeners during the height of Stella, if you and one friend had just one week to take off from work and $2000, where would you go?

Here are some of the responses that were texted to 845-451-WRRV (9778):

  • Cozumel, one of their beach resorts
  • Florida was a place that a lot of people said that they would want to go to. This was probably the #1 mentioned go to place. With people mentioning Universal Orlando, Disney World, Fort Lauderdale and Miami as places that they would like to go to and get warm.
  • Dominican Republic and Punta Cana, made the top of a few listeners list, with a few people telling me that this is a great place to go if you want an 'all inclusive experience.'
  • Last but not least, I cannot leave out the people who said that it would be their first choice to go on a cruise. Especially, since there are options now to leave out of New York and New Jersey.

So, I ask you, where would you go, with a friend, one week away and $2000? Let me know your warm weather vacation ideas,