January 30, 2019 --- I asked my husband if he wouldn't mind popping by the grocery store to pick up a few random things we needed (and before you say it, no it wasn't a 'storm essentials' bread, eggs and milk shopping list, but we actually did need bread AND milk because we were out) as I had a few errands to run after work and he was heading straight home.

I came home to find the bread on the counter, now our daughter will be able to have her standard sandwich for school tomorrow, salt for the ice skating rink that used to be our driveway, milk for cereal in the morning, wait, what's that next to the milk...and no, i'm not talking about the beer.


The first question I have is, why does such a thing exist?  Peeps sweet marshmallow creamer, to put in your coffee?  Picking out coffee creamers is now a HUGE process, there are more flavors of creamer these days than there are colors to pick from when you get a manicure.

Second question, why is it out already, in January?  I can understand spotting something like this while strolling the grocery store aisles closer to Spring/Easter, but January is just a bit too much.

Upon further research, it appears I missed the announcement, as delish.com reported this back at the beginning of January...

Peeps, the perennial Easter stocking stuffer you likely either love or despise, can now be seen plastered over the cutest coffee creamer bottle I've ever laid eyes on. It has a yellow cap, obviously, with a whole bunch of pastel-colored Peeps around the bottle.

Where do you stand on the Peeps creamer situation --- can't wait to brew up a fresh cup for yourself and all your 'peeps', or 'peep' ya later?

I guess i'll do the grocery shopping myself next time :)