Is it okay to use a gift card on a first dinner date? It absolutely is and here's why.

Dating has so many rules to begin with. Why do we need so many? Of course there are obvious ones that should apply and never be forgotten. Be sure to hold the door for her, be polite, be interested and always pay for the meal. At least be the first to offer. Heck, she might not even want you to and will throw in half.

When that awkward time comes to pony up for the bill is it okay to use a gift card or even a coupon? At first I thought it was a bit tacky. It could definitely be awkward but at the end of the day you don't even know this person. How much do you have to invest on day one? You both have already given up the most valuable commodity we have which is time. Be thankful for that.

It shows great financial responsibility. Give the dude a break.

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